Gourmet services

For your physical well-being is ensured! If you like to leave the fully equipped apartment kitchen 'cold' during the holidays you can use our shopping service with a desired fridge-filling.

Filled fridge on request

To make you feel very comfortable at your holiday home we will fill your fridge with delicious local products. So you can - especially on the day after arrival - wake up free of stress whenever you want and you don't have to worry about the shop's opening hours.

For 1-2 persons –  39.00 Euro
Butter (250g) | 4 eggs | milk (1/2l) | coffee and tea | loaf of bread (1/2kg) | fresh local cheese (250g) | salami (150g) | "Landjäger" sausage | 1 bottle of mineral water | 1 bottle of naturally cloudy apple juice | seasonal fruit and vegetables | yogurt | "Mannerschnitten" Neapolitan wafers.

For 3-4 persons –  55.00 Euro
Butter (250g) | 6 eggs | milk (1l) | fresh local cheese (250g) | salami or regional ham (250g) | "Landjäger" sausage | coffee and honey | loaf of bread (1/2kg) | seasonal fruit and vegetables | yogurt | "Mannerschnitten" Neapolitan wafers | 1 bottle of mineral water | 1 bottle of naturally cloudy apple juice.

Please order the fridge service directly with your apartment booking.

Fresh vegetables directly from the farm

During the summer season, from May until October, we are happy to organize additional fresh and crisp seasonal vegetables of the highest quality directly from the fields of the region around Leogang. As fresh as it gets! Let your creativity run wild for your cooking when you the farmer surprises you with different types of vegetables each week. You will find recipe ideas for the delivered vegetables in each box.

You can order a small box for about 1-2 persons, a standard box for about 2-3 persons or a family box (about 1/3 more content) for about 3-4 persons. Delivery will be made every Wednesday. We will take orders at the reception until Tuesdays 11 a.m. or send us an email.

Small box: 13 Euro
Standard box: 16 Euro
Family box: 20 Euro

  • Fewo Österreich
    regional organic eggs
  • Fewo Österreich
    seasonal vegetables
  • Fewo Österreich

Fresh farm milk directly from Leogang

It is always good to know where our milk comes from. During your relaxing holiday you also want to enjoy fresh milk from happy cows and dairy products directly from junior farmer Bernhard from Leogang? We are glad to arrange delivery right to your apartment door every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please place your orders the day before until 6 p.m. at the reception or send us an email

small package 9 Euro: 
1 liter of fresh milk
2x 250g plain yogurt
2x 250g fruit yogurt 

large package 12 Euro: 
2 liters of fresh milk 
2x 250g plain yogurt
4x 250g fruit yogurt  

Grander water

With GRANDER only the best for the guests

Enjoy your feel-good holiday in Das Rivus with the Grander water and treat yourself and your body well! The revitalized water tastes good, spoils your body and is enjoyable to drink. Sip your more intense and tasteful coffee with pleasure at the Rivus Breakfast. The well-being after bathing and showering with Grander water is guaranteed, as it is gentle on the skin and hair. Experience a great feeling in our heated outdoor pool - which is filled with the velvety soft water - without burning eyes and skin and the smell of chlorine. The best thing about Grander water: It's gentle on the environment!

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